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Harbor Back UP Plan

In the case that Barcelona Harbor is deemed unsafe to utilize, this plan will take effect. We know the plan is not ideal, but we can not control mother nature. We are currently working on providing some transportation and shuttle buses to help anglers get from Dunkirk to Barcelona. 

Big Fish Friday: As per Big Fish Friday rules, you may leave any harbor but lines can not enter the water until 7:00am.


All boats must return to Dunkirk Harbor by boat, cooler drop off point will be at Barts Cove. Coolers must be turned in no later than 3:30pm.

Coolers will be transported to When Pigs Fly BBQ Pit by tournament staff.

Weigh In will still be at When Pigs Fly BBQ Pit, Westfield NY. This is due to the agreement between the venue and the tournament, and in coordination with the Barcelona Harbor Outdoor Expo.

Main Event: Dunkirk Harbor will be used as the shotgun start. All tournament rules will apply, just the location will change. 5:30 boat check stations will be located at Barts Cove docks and parking lot.

Shotgun start outside of Dunkirk Harbor at 7:00 am.

Cooler drop off will again be at Barts Cove in Dunkirk, coolers must be turned in by 3:30pm .

Coolers will be transported by tournament staff to When Pigs Fly BBQ PIT.

Weigh In show will be held at 5:30pm( Delay in start of weigh in show may be possible due to the extra steps needed to get coolers from Dunkirk to Barcelona. 

Again we are working on providing transportation from Dunkirk to Barcelona, you may also drive yourself if you wish. 

We would hope that every year will run perfect and smoothly, but mother nature will have its way. This plan is the best we can provide given the circumstances. Again, this plan is only a back up plan if Barcelona Harbor has been deemed unsafe for use. 

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