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The WNY Walleye Cup Series is a fishing tournament series where teams register their boats to compete. Participants are required to partake in at least three tournaments where they must catch a total of six fish, either in one event or over multiple days. The three highest- scoring tournaments will contribute to the final score, which is based on the total weight of the fish. Winners will be announced after verification of the final tournament's results. Final tournament is the Innovative Outdoors Walleye Challenge. All teams are also invited to a bragging rights invitational event, but competition is optional and only open to teams that were part of the series. This Event will be August 31st, Venue to be determined.

  • Teams must participate in at least three tournaments.

  • The score is based on the total weight of the fish caught in the top three performing tournaments.

  • Winners will be announced after checking the results of the final tournament.

  • There is an optional invitational event for all participating teams.

  • The entry fee is $100, and the prizes are split 50/30/20 between the first, second, and third places.

  • The bigger the competing fleet, the bigger the payouts will be.

Invitational will be a one day event, with a basic weigh in, and Invitational trophy will be presented to the winner. Invitational Champion will be separate from the Series Champion. Only the top three places of the series will be paid. Until the event grows. The invitational will be a fun event, not required to fish.
Registrations will be available at
If you fish a tournament not listed on our series, we can still enter the scores, as long as we have the official weigh in slip of that tournament, and the tournament is a 6 fish box score.
Must follow the rules of each individual tournament that you compete in.
Please mail in your registration and check to

Primitive Patriot Outdoors 2886 Scott Hill Rd Kennedy NY 14747

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